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Parent's Voice - Feedback

As professional early childhood educators providing the ‘first steps’ in children’s education we love hearing feedback on the positive impact our teachers are making in their ‘young learners’ lives, here is one ‘parent’s voice’ with their journey at Tinytown. 

It has been a year for our son at Tinytown and we thought it was the perfect time for us as parent’s to share our experiences about our one year journey.  Honestly it has been a wonderful journey. 

We have seen our son develop into a very confident young boy who loves to make friends and just enjoy himself in a crowd.  Before he started at Tinytown he would get self-conscious in a crowd and got a bit ‘clingy’.  Being confident is a very important characteristic a child can have as it directly affects one’s self esteem and morale and so we are delighted with this change. 

Our son’s English speaking skills have improved dramatically and he is able to write numbers, letters and his full name and he can write words if we spell the word out to him.  He is also able to spell words like ‘go’, ‘mom’, ‘dad’ etc.  Our son just loves coming to Tinytown and he loves all of his teachers.  He cannot leave pre-school each day without saying bye to his friends and teachers.  He even has to knock on the centre manager’s door and say bye to her as well. 

He has learnt a lot of things at Tinytown but we as parent’s also believe that learning starts at home, so we try to do our part as parents at home as well, although we would not be able to do it all without you at Tinytown. 

As parent’s we would like to thank the wonderful teachers at Tinytown for their wonderful and priceless contribution towards our son’s journey and development.  Words are just not enough to express how happy and obliged we are. 

So thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.  We love you all and God Bless. 

P & R Saraf

Parents at Otahuhu Complex